Pasta for Beginners


The new semester at Phipps started this month and there is a new series (sold out already, so keep an eye out for classes next semester)  We are exploring the pasta making process from beginner to expert.  I have posted the recipe for homemade pasta before, take a look for a refresher!  The classes at Phipps max out at 16 students, 4 groups of 4.  We made spaghetti pomodoro and pappardelle ai funghi.  Both of those sauces will be found  later posts if I can find myself with enough time to update this blog once in a while!  I just wanted to share some of the photos from the last class.






The KitchenAid attachment works better than the hand-crank unit I use at home, but both get the job done.






Cooking the finished pasta for all to taste, probably saying something extremely charming in while multi-tasking!






Boun Appetito! Will be posting an update on the new restaurant soon, be on the lookout! Things are well underway.

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