Soergel Orchards

Took a nice little trip to Soergel Orchards last weekend for some apple picking.  No recipe to share, just some pictures of our day.  It was perfect weather, they were picking granny smith apples that Emily turned into an apple cake and some apple crisp (you’ll have to track her down for recipes)  I was the designated wagon puller, lots of hills in Pennsylvania, boy am I out of shape!

I was pretty sure this pig was no longer living, but finally got a tail wag

Honey Bees hard at work!

Couple of 1/2 Pecks

Was no Mack’s Apples, but we had a great day (and face it, nothing can beat Mack’s)

One thought on “Soergel Orchards

  1. Looks like a great Fall day to spend with your beautiful family. Nothing better ♥️
    And you’re right, there’s no place like Mack’s!!


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